4th & 5th Grades

In this combined classroom, students will alternate grade levels of study in Religion, Science, and History, with adjustments made for the each respective grade. The other subjects will be instructed per grade level, such as Math, Reading, and Language Arts.

Dorris Ranch tripReligion (CPH) Topics covered are Creation and the Fall of Man, the Family of Adam, the Family of God, the Flood, Noah, God’s Covenant with Abraham, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Ten Commandments, Fear and Faith, and the Life of Jesus.

Science (Discovery Works) Our Studies include Earth’s Land Resources, Weather and Climate, Magnetism and Electricity, Properties of Matter, and Animals.

Oregon History – Native Americans/Oregon Tribes, Early Oregon History, the Oregon Trail, Fur Trappers and Traders, and Early Explorers.

Math (Saxon) In 4th grade math we review Addition and Subtraction facts. We begin the learning process of Addends, Metric Units, Fractions, Multiplication, Division, Estimating, Measurements, Polygons, Graphs, Decimal Place Averaging, Tables, Mixed Numbers, Sales Tax, Common Denominators, Simplifying Fractions, and Roman Numerals.

Reading & Language (Abeka) Verbal, Written, and Visual – In 4th grade reading we read from a list of award winning novels, short stories, and poetry and pair the reading with Book Reports, Skills, Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary and Comprehension Development. Recognizing and Writing Good Sentences, Punctuation, Capitalization, Writing Letters, Types of Writing, and Writing Process, Parts of Speech, and using the Dictionary.

Oregon Trail
Oregon History
Field Trips
Living History Museum
Cascade Raptor Center
Book Club
Research Project
Sum Dog Learning
Science/International/Engineering Fair
Land Resources
Cursive Writing

5th towerReligion (CPH) 5th Grade religion class emphasizes biblical themes that explore elements of the six chief parts of the Christian Faith. Bible lessons include Memory Verses, Activities, and Life Application Stories that give students opportunities to reflect and respond.

Science (Discovery Works) Our Studies include Earth’s Land Resources, Weather and Climate, Magnetism and Electricity, Properties of Matter, Investigating Nature, Animals, Mammals, the Living Sea, the Earth, Sky (Sun, Moon, Stars, etc …), Light, Energy and Engines, and Vertebrates.

History – In the 5th grade class our studies focus on the early Spanish, French, and British Explorations of the North Americas, Major Land and Water Routes, identify and locate 13 British Colonies, Events and Developments in Early U.S. History, and locating and identifying Places and Regions in the United States.

Reading and Language (Abeka) In this 5th grade class we work on Writing with an emphasis on Grammar and Mechanics. Some of the concepts we focus on are recognizing Compliments, identifying Adverb and Adjective Phrases, preparing Topical and Sentence Outlines, Diagramming and Perfecting Capitalization and Punctuation rules, learning the Writing Process, the use of the Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Encyclopedia, Writing Research Papers, Letters, and Outlines, as well as using the Library. We read Adventurous Stories, Fun Tales about Animals, Plays, Poems, and selected Award Winning Books to build their comprehension skills and build their Vocabulary.

Math (Saxon) Building upon the principals previously taught concepts such as the Order of Operations, Geometry and Measurement, Integers, Division, Ratios, Statistics and Probability, Prime and Composite Numbers, Patterns and Sequences, and Powers and Roots. More concepts built upon are the Multiplication Table, Adding and Subtracting Fractions with a Common Denominator, Multiplying by Multiples of 10 and 100, Perimeter, Simple Probability, Decimal Parts of a Meter, Reciprocals, Volume, Square Roots, Graphing Points on a coordinate Plane, and more.

Service Learning Projects
Field Trip – Art Museum
Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament – L.E.S.T.
Research Projects
Book Club
Bring Recycling