Kindergarten - 1st Grade

k_1st studentsReligion In our Voyages Curriculum we cover both the Old and the New Testaments, including but not limited to, the Creation, Moses, Old Testament Heroes, the Birth of Christ, Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Resurrection of Christ.

Math (Saxon
) Students in our Kindergarten and 1st Grade class will learn math concepts that are age appropriate including Numbers, Shapes, Patterns, Addition, Subtraction, Story Problems, Seasons, Money, Ordinal Number, Even/Odd, Measurement, Tallies, Graphing, Time, and Place Value.

Language Arts/Reading (Imagine It/SRA series, McGraw Hill). We cover a multitude of concepts including Phonemic Awareness, Comprehension, Grammar, Sentence Types and Structure, Writing Process, Rhyming Words and Descriptive Words.

Social Studies Concepts we teach are about Communities/Community Helpers, Address/Phone Numbers, Mapping, the Human Body, Weather and the Seasons, Transportation, Presidents, Animals/Habitats, Dinosaurs, Plants, Continents, Cultures, and Oceans.


Community Helpers Week
Show and Tell Theme Weeks
Pen Pals with a 1st Grade Class in California
Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
Reading Buddies with 4th/5th Grade
Thanksgiving Lunch
Christmas Program
Lutheran School’s Week
Taste of LIFE!
100’s Day

Dr. Suess Day
Science/Engineering/International Fair
Butterfly Habitat
Battle of the Books
Shoe Box Book Display
Mother’s Day Tea
Public Works Day
Grandparents’ Day
Baptism Birthday Celebration
Amazon Park Day
Waffles and Stories
Kindergarten Recognition